Yoru no yuki


When drawing a design image, we think about what should be prioritized: silhouette, fabric, or details.
This coat prioritizes machine stitch illustrations.

First of all, there is a big tree on the back, then we want to scatter polka dots like snow there.

There are some ways to make snowballs such as knitting small motifs, but we want to use the dull color of tweed, so we apply anti-fray to each item one by one.

One collar is a tailor and the other is a shawl collar.
There is a cute stitch hidden inside the zipper.
This is the starting design for this season.

Dual coat


It’s reversible.
We would say it’s a “double A-side coat”. 

By using two layers of soft cotton and linen fabrics, we can create a warm and voluminous coat.
It’s a casual 3 seasons coat which you can wash easily.

Those lines of pockets or sleeves are neat,
The details of the collar create a complex effect because the lining is beautifully tailored.
This coat will make you look stylish and sharp just put it on.

Completely two-color coat, means only one coat can be made using the fabric of two coats.
Not quite convinced, but it’s cute so we can’t help it. Yeah, really.

The tag on one back is about Rin.
Element symbol number 15, phosphorus.

Spirograph jacket
〈スピログラフ ジャケット〉


The colors of valor and velvet are deep and attractive.
Blue that resembles the abyss.
The only black that can be called jet black.

It is one of the most exciting materials.
No matter how difficult it is to sew, we always want to use it for our works, so we always tend to choose.

Water droplets on the downy hairs of leaves, a cat you meet in the dark,we are inspired by these fabrics.

When we were thinking of one-stroke pattern, we found geometry interesting, and after drawing various things, we came up with this embroidery pattern.

A toy we used to play with as a child…we could draw beautiful flower-like patterns by putting a pen into a hole on a circular ruler.
We learned that the name was “Spirograph”. 

Ornament shell


There are several ways to fasten clothes, such as buttons, hooks, and zippers.

We have never made machine buttonholes.
This small hole is also a part of design, place of freedom and playfulness.

We made a part with lots of wood beads and wondered if we could turn it into a button.

A cardigan that looks like an accessory, with a front decorated with ornaments.



Short, no sleeves,  like a vest or a shawl, Kurumi wraps around your body gently.

We make it with some charming winter fabrics such as thick knit,  fake far, etc.

It is so much fun to put them together. Fasten the chest area with a slightly hard hook.
You can put it over your shoulder like a mantle, or you can put it over your waist like an overskirt.
It also can be a lap blanket.  It’s up to you how you wear it.

Rin mods coat


High quality white gauze.
Washed out mods coat.

Rin’s mods coat has a cute and alternative silhouette, and you may not feel it’s too bulky.

We applied a lot of rough stitches and a cross mark on large pocket, and the hood is very stable.

The silhouette of the back makes your posture look good.
The deformed double cuffs are cute even when folded back.
There are many playful points in this coat, and sure you’ll enjoy it.

River one-pi

A voluminous dress with an asymmetrical silhouette, a powerful image of untrimmed cloth.
This is a reference product.



A hang skirt with an impressive back shape.
The diamond shape along the spine makes you feel bracing up.
It was a delicate job that required careful attention to the angle of the string coming out of the diamond.

We are the type of people who find it more fun an motivate to make difficult clothes, and it’s a bad habit that can’t be cured.
The white peeking through the big box pleats are bold and eye-catching.
This one is made of satin fabric with a hard impression of black light shading.

You can find different types made from various fabrics in the shop.

Chiffon top


This is a standard item from last year.
We made it for winter layering, but many people also love it at other times of the year, so we made it in other new colors, pale light blue, ice blue as well.

When layered over other shirts, the long sleeves, collar and slit hemline create a fluttering accent.

And it’s warm. Rin’s useful item.

Neck-cross top


It is easier to use an item like a detachable collar for the cross part of the collar.
However, a new idea is born when we try to integrate it with clothes.

Make sure the cross is along the neck line.
Must be easy to wear and doesn’t want unnecessary wrinkles.
It’s important to consider the weight and compatibility of the fabric.

A top with a lean and practical design that gives a cool and rich impression.

Random border


Comparing to symmetrical clothing, it takes twice as long to cut fabric for asymmetrical clothing.

Furthermore, even if we mark the top, bottom, and front and back sides and sew them together to avoid making mistakes, we’ll get confused somewhere and end up making a mistake at least once.

Its name is Ransom Border, but of course we can’t handle it randomly.

At the shop, you’ll find not only white one but also many types made of various fabrics.
It’s similar to this summer’s Ramble Top, but it’s not off-the-shoulder so it’s easy to use for layering in winter.It’s long enough to cover the bum.

Cargo dokan


RIN’s pants are evolving year by year.
In addition to the classic Camden Pants and Tuck Pants, this Dokan type has become popular recently.

Cargo is the goods carried by a ship,  aircraft, or other large vehicle.
Cargo pants are pants with large pockets for carrying tools without using the worker’s hands.

Dokan is the nickname for the thick pants that Rin makes, and name of the thick pants worn by naughty boys in high school.

This season, we use plenty of white stitching on pitch black fabrics.
These pants have a silhouette that makes your legs look longer and have seven pockets, which is Rin’s specialty style.

Mikazuki bottom


Adding flares to the crescent parts of the sides of the pants, and those create a three-dimensional sense of expanse.

To emphasize the design, add black to the inside of the hemline that curves from front to back.
To make the flares undulate, add little tough knit to the hem.

Ingenious design, simple natural fabric and black moon, Its shape goes well with boots and tights.
We are always trying to make pants that are easy to wear, even if they have elaborate designs.

Fur tight skirt


This is a long tight skirt which has some nicknames such as “glamping skirt” or ”kotatsu(a heating table covered with a blanket) skirt”.
Definitely a winter-only clothes.

The point is the natural fabric line on the side of the skirt, and it’s cutewhether you place it in the center of the front or slightly off-center.

Using fur makes us feel like winter.
It’s hard because we make them in the summer, but every year, when the season catches up with us, we’re glad that we made them.
As summer turns to autumn, we feel a strong desire to enjoy a country with four seasons.
We’re looking forward to the season which we love fake fur.

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